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Here is a list of your testimonials

QuickPack Owner Tested and Approved

While mountain biking the McDowell Mountains on April 25th, our Owner/Founder Debbie Mason took a nasty spill.  With QuickPack and H2O, I was able to clean and wrap the injury so we could get to the car and head to the ER. A special thanks to John Green ED MD / Scottsdale Health Care. Great work Dr. Green and staff!  

Craig Mason/Owner 

Brown's Ranch/Cathedral Rock Trail Scottsdale, AZ


Emercency Room Pictures  

WARNING--- Pictures below are a bit graphic.  Don't scroll down if you have a weak stomach.

I was only smiling because I had lidocaine on board.


ER Pics 2 



ER Pic 3 

Double Yuck.


ER Pic 4 

All patched up!


Quick Pack Came in Handy

I was out on a group ride this morning, unfortunately I was involved... in a minor accident. I had some pretty bad road rash on my right elbow. I was able to continue on, but about 5 miles down the road I had a flat tire… not the best day ever haha. While changing the tire Debbie Mason rides up and shows us her quick pack, she patched up my bleeding arm and got me on my way. I will be ordering some of these first aid kits today! Thank you again for being so kind to help a fellow rider today! Mike


Scottsdale, AZ